How to ensure the interior finish of your home?

interior finish of your home

The work on the house is finally over, all you have to do is manage the interior of your home. You can now move on to the final step, the interior finish. To do this , you will have to carry out the interior layout, and the decoration. Here we give our best advice to help you achieve the interior finish of your home.

Lay the baseboards

Skirting boards are important elements that will add a very pleasant touch to your wall coverings. They are installed after completion of the work. Their purpose is to protect the bottom of the walls, and to hide the electrical wires… The skirting boards can be installed in different ways: by screwing, by gluing, or by nailing. This step is necessary to get the interior work off to a good start .

Take care of the ground

The next step will be to choose the flooring to use. In terms of choice, you can choose between: waxed concrete (very resistant, easy maintenance), tiling (shock resistant, easy to remove), engineered parquet (easy to install, very comfortable)… Don’t forget to take good care of your soil. It must be well maintained and protected so that it does not deteriorate too soon.

This is surely one of the most important steps, because your wall is the first visible element in a home. When you go to paint it, make sure that the chosen color fits well with the decoration. The aesthetics will depend on the colors you have chosen, if you are not sure, contact professionals for advice.

Provide lighting

Lighting is a finishing step that you should not neglect. Here it is a question of managing the light sources well so that they can illuminate the rooms well and bring that touch of aesthetics to your home. Choose light patterns, bulbs, and color temperature wisely. Remember to multiply the light points to provide a better atmosphere.

Manage the heating system

You have a multitude of heating systems at your disposal. It’s up to you to define its location. A little advice, remember to place your radiators under or near the windows. The goal will be to integrate the radiators into the overall decoration of a house.

Take care of your taps

A well-chosen faucet can enhance the decor of your interior. Whether in the bathroom or in the kitchen, opt for a faucet that goes harmoniously with the washbasin and the sink. We advise you to choose a matching set.

Choose the right handles

For good harmony, choose door handles that are both elegant and sober. Make your choice from the material of the door and the design of the room. They can be on plate or rosette, with handle or button. You are free to choose, it all depends on your desires and your budget.

The same goes for furniture, being a very important element in decoration, you must find the ideal handle that matches the materials used, and the design of the furniture.

Don’t forget the small details

In the finishing works, one should not neglect the small details. Don’t forget the curtains, blinds, veils and drapes. When these elements are well-suited to the room, they can add flair to your home. And finally, for more aesthetics, do not forget to hide the cables and electrical wires.

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