5 elements to consider when designing your dining room

designing your dining room

Has your dining room aged over the years? You no longer dare to welcome your guests without hiding your dinner table with a tablecloth? Is there always a lack of seats at family events? A chair is broken, the dresser is no longer enough to store all your utensils and cutlery… In short, you don’t like this living space and you want to be proud of it again. So you start shopping for a new dining room set . But before making your choice.

 Here are 5 essential elements to consider!

1. The space available in the dining room

The main factor to look at when shopping for dining room furniture is the space you have available to display the furniture. Even if you buy the most beautiful table in the store , it is a little less practical if it does not fit into the room or, on the contrary, it seems alone in the world.

Ask yourself the following questions: what are the dimensions of your current dining room like? Have you done any renovations recently that would have changed the possible layout of the room? It is also important to take into account the movements you want to be able to make around your table, whether the chairs are pulled out or not. After all, you want to be able to move around your dining room freely at all times!

2. The desired style; modern, rustic or contemporary

Of course, depending on the style you want, you will not opt ​​for the same type of furniture. Do you like the modern and clean look? A glass table and designer chairs could give your room a punch.

If your tables are often full and you like to entertain, you might consider buying a large table with long benches on each side to seat a larger number of people. And if, on the contrary, you want a space to meet up with friends on Friday evenings, a round bar-style table, with stools or high chairs could give character to your room. Head to the store and explore the endless possibilities!

3. The dimensions of the table and the height of the chairs

Now let’s move on to the dimensions of the dining room set! Table size and chair height are important things to consider, especially if you didn’t buy your furniture together. Be aware that standard kitchen tables have an average height of around 30 inches; make sure that the chairs you get will allow you to maintain a comfortable space for your legs. Same thing if you opt for a high bar-type table, or if you want high chairs for a lunch counter!

4. The materials, durability and maintenance of your kitchen furniture

Tempered glass, steel, concrete, wood, granite…as we mentioned, the style you’re looking for will play a key role in deciding which materials to favor for your decor. However, don’t forget to consider the durability of these materials when making your choice, to ensure that your dining room furniture can be a good investment! Among the most resistant materials are solid wood and natural stone. Also consider the maintenance required for the materials you choose, in order to keep the furniture as long as possible and in the best possible condition.

5. The different uses of your dining room set

Obviously, you will sit around this dinner table to eat, but will you use it for other purposes? For example, will the children use it to do their homework? Do you plan to occasionally use the table as a work desk? Will you gather around it to create crafts or cook with the family?

The different functions you plan for your dining room can help you choose the most suitable furniture. It will prevent you, for example, from scratching your beautiful glass table because your children are playing Lego blocks on it, or from dirtying the fabric of your chairs with traces of cookie dough…

To get a dining room set that meets your tastes and needs, just follow our few tips! Still, would you like a little help to create your dream dining room? Fill out our form and tell us about your project: we want to hear from you!

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