5 tips for choosing the right dining table

right dining table

Small or large, round or rectangular, the dining table is in any case the most important piece of furniture in your living room or kitchen. This is where you will spend the most time. And it is also on this one that you will share delicious moments of conviviality.

A dining table is therefore not chosen at random. And it is worth meticulously choosing this piece of furniture of the utmost importance for your interior. In particular by paying attention to some rather important details. Whether in terms of the dimensions of your future dining table, its material , its shape or even the height of the latter.

To help you choose the right dining room table and avoid making a few mistakes, we therefore offer you in this article 5 tips for choosing your future dining table correctly .

Our 5 tips for choosing the right dining table

Choosing a dining table is no easy task! Your table will serve you as much for enjoying delicious meals as for elegantly decorating your living room, dining room or kitchen.

To choose one, it is therefore better to go to competent and quality distributors. For this occasion, the major furnishing distributors – with the best known names – are of course a good choice to choose your dining table.

But it is also possible to choose your table directly from a real specialist . This is particularly the case with 4 legs, the real specialist for all the types of tables you want. With a famous expertise , an intact quality and many choices of tables and personalization , the brand will necessarily have the table of your dreams to offer you!

1/ Choose a dining table with the right dimensions

Come on, let’s get down to business and discover our 5 tips for choosing the right dining table. To start, and it’s quite obvious, you will have to choose the size and size of your future dining room table.

Indeed, choosing a dining table with the right dimensions is essential to equip your living room or your kitchen. Therefore, ask yourself how many people will regularly take place around your table.

In most cases, a fairly small size – between 2 or 4 places – is preferred for couples or small families. In other cases, a table with fairly large dimensions is preferable.

Also, consider installing a dining table that won’t take up too much space if your room is small. As a simple example, it is generally necessary to leave 70cm of space around the table to facilitate movement.

2/ Buy a dining table in the shape that suits you

After finding the right dimensions for your dining table, think about choosing the shape of your table . Square, round, rectangular or oval, all styles have their characteristics.

A round table, for example, will be the friendliest of all, since everyone can see each other well and talk to each other well. A rectangular table will be perfect for long spaces while being very functional and practical.

A square table will be recommended for small spaces since it can easily be hidden in the corner of a room. Finally, an oval table is the perfect compromise between a round table and a rectangular table, while being of rare elegance. You choose !

3/ Pay attention to the material of the dining room table

If the shape of your dining table is important, the material of the table is just as important! A dining table is also chosen according to its material. Here too, several choices are available to you. In wood, glass, plastic, concrete or stainless steel, you are free to choose the material you like.

You will just have to settle a few practical questions, knowing that for example a stainless steel table is easily scratched, that a glass table gets dirty very quickly, that a concrete table is quite difficult to move or even that a table plastic will be less robust than the previous ones. Again, it’s up to you to make the right compromise!

4/ Play on the height of the dining table

If, as we mentioned above, the dimensions of your dining table are important, the height of your table is also something to consider. In this case, you can then play with the height of your dining table to vary the styles.

Traditionally, a dining table has a height under the top of about 75 centimeters. You can then voluntarily choose “high” tables, with a height under the top of about 90 centimeters. This will be perfect for example to create a “snack” or “bar table” atmosphere in your interior.

5/ Choose a modular dining table

Finally, as a last tip for choosing the right dining table, know that there are tables that are full of ingenuity. We are indeed finding more and more dining tables that are versatile and modular .

This is the case with, for example, extendable dining tables, which with an innovative extension system makes it possible to double or even triple the number of people seated. But that’s not all, because dining tables with a lifting top also exist. Which is for example perfect to go from a coffee table to a dining table.

In the same logic, fully transformable dining tables are also emerging. Ideal for example to go from a simple console to a large dining table in a few seconds and with simple movements!

Whether with a dining table of the right dimensions and a good height, or with dining tables of different shapes or modular, you now have all the cards in hand to choose the table best suited to your desires and your interior. !

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