Can I Change the Depth and Shape of My Pool?


Most individuals looking into swimming pool renovations aim for simple improvements to enhance their pool experience. Adding lights, water features, fire elements, and other enhancements can significantly elevate the enjoyment of your swimming pool.

However, some may ponder more substantial changes like altering the pool’s shape and depth. While it is technically possible, the cost could be quite high, particularly depending on the type of pool.

Reshaping Vinyl Pools

Vinyl pools stand out as a fantastic choice because of their high level of customization. This flexibility is not limited to the initial installation but extends to resurfacing or remodeling stages.

Modifying the depth or shape of a vinyl swimming pool is relatively easy. You can excavate additional areas to expand the pool size or dig deeper to increase its depth. In areas where the pool hasn’t been reshaped, there’s usually no need to modify the existing pool walls. Installing a vinyl swimming pool is a quick and cost-effective process. Regularly replacing the liner is also a recommended practice.

Reshaping Concrete Pools

Reshaping concrete pools is indeed possible, allowing adjustments to the pool’s size and depth. If you find your pool too large, new areas can be excavated, or clean material can be used to reduce its size. Similarly, the depth can be altered by making specific areas deeper or shallower.

Working with concrete is more challenging compared to vinyl or earth. Concrete is harder to cut, and the pouring and forming process takes longer than vinyl. Additionally, cutting and breaking unwanted concrete can potentially damage other parts of the pool, requiring additional repairs or replacements. The process of reshaping concrete pools can be costly, and in some cases, it might be more economical to remove the pool entirely and start anew.

While concrete pools offer a high level of customization, it’s crucial to consider the associated costs. We will provide you with a cost estimate before beginning the project.

Reshaping Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Fiberglass pools come in a complete shell, limiting the ways they can be shaped. However, some modifications are possible, such as adding a Baja Shelf, a spillover spa, or secondary pools.

If you want to reshape your fiberglass pool, you can choose the material, depth, and shape according to your preferences.

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