Spending time at home with the kids

Spending time at home

Schools and daycares being closed and the reopening of these being compromised, your children will then find themselves with you at home every day. If the rhythm of work / school during the day and sleep at night did not normally allow you to fully enjoy your children during the week, then it is time to catch up on all that and spend as much time as possible together .

Here are 7 activities to share together to spend quality time with your family.

A clear daily routine

It is not because your children now spend their time at home that you should let them take a rhythm that they would have during vacation time. It is important for them to maintain a regular daily routine in order to facilitate their subsequent reintegration into everyday life.

As Doctor Maria Montessori, specialist in child development, explains very well, children attach importance to order and to the fact that a daily routine is established because a child who knows how his or her day can anticipate what is going to happen and this reassures them.

Actively involve your child in daily life at home . Introduce them to cooking, baking or cleaning to make them active. Thus, children learn to prepare meals and tidy up, knowing that in this period of confinement they can only appreciate staying in a clean and tidy environment.

They will also be experiences acquired by your children and which will be very practical when you can go on vacation . They will be more independent and you will have more time for yourself. Know that you can already consider a holiday for the end of the year. Think of us for your car rental in France or elsewhere.

At Carigami, we give you some ideas: If you want to see your children eat more fruit and they tend to want sweets, then this recipe is for you! Here is an easy recipe for chocolate-kiwi lollipops that can be made in 15 minutes.

If your kids have trouble folding their clothes, here’s a fun way to do it with the Marie Kondo method .

father and daughter doing indoor sports

Movement should not be neglected in children. If it is not possible to leave the apartment, physical activities should be offered indoors. For example, take the initiative to organize a treasure hunt or offer to play “Jacques said…”.

The treasure hunt : Usually done outside, you can adapt it to the house by hiding objects in all the rooms, carts or marbles for example, and let your little pirate go in search of his loot!

Walk on the clouds : On the floor, make a path with sofa cushions, decorative pillows or pillows and ask the child to walk “on the clouds” from one end of the path to the other, without touch the ground. It may sound easy, but it will practice their balance!

Our houses and apartments are full of materials that our children can use to develop their creativity. For example, painting with sponges, tape, straws or with their hands and feet.

Or why not simply invite your child to rearrange his room by moving his furniture as he pleases or even changing his sheets for a color that will put him in a better mood. Thus you will let him appeal to his imagination while occupying it.

Learn even at home

Learning should not be neglected in times of confinement. You can do homework with your children and work on additional learning units, but you can also opt for more fun activities such as science experiments.

To see the instructions and the explanation of this activity or a lot of other scientific experiments to do at home, we leave you the following link to the Petites Experiences website .

Board games require patience, logic, concentration and the ability to find solutions to conflicts. You can offer a relaxing and humorous activity with “ Le Mâche Mot ” which is currently all the rage and will make you die of laughter.

” You start by putting the plastic mouthpiece in your mouth, then you draw a card! Try to say what is written on the card and make your teammate guess as much as possible for the duration of the hourglass. ” Crazy laughter guaranteed!

You can also opt for a game that will let your child work on his concentration, his fine motor skills but also his knowledge of the human body with “ Doctor Maboul ”. Here is the aim of the game:

“Doctor Maboul’s patient is sick and the children must operate on him to cure him! Use the pliers to remove the 12 pieces like the Adam’s apple. Each player selects a card and operates on the patient. They earn points if they they manage not to touch the edges of the cavities. The richest player wins the game!”

If, on the other hand, you work from home and need quiet, you can also offer your child quieter activities such as puzzles .

Staying at home with your children should be a way to have a good time while maintaining an organized and structured daily rhythm. It will be an opportunity for them, even at home, to gain creativity and learning. Do not forget to give them free time such as moments spent in front of the television or the smartphone, this will also allow you to have moments for yourself and your own activities

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