Spend time with family and refocus on the essentials

Spend time

After a period of adaptation, you finally did not come out so badly of the obligations imposed by confinement. No more transport rush in the morning; homeschooling allows your little ones to save time and get up a little later. Another positive effect: they learn at their own pace. Get up, breakfast, toilet, school, lunch and the afternoon devoted to other types of learning, promoting the awakening of your toddlers: creative activities, crafts, gardening, gym, yoga, relaxation…, your kids love it, and you will too!

Unforgettable family moments

These few weeks may have been the opportunity to take more advantage of your children and to start new “construction sites”. In other words, do all those things you’d love to do with them, but never have time to do: fix your little daredevil’s bike, build a birdhouse, customize your little princess or repainting the chest of drawers in her bedroom…

The whole household got together to do the household chores. You’ve even set up a chore schedule so no one misses out, as well as a personalized rewards program to motivate your troops! As a result, your home sweet home is as clean as a whistle. The children also tested their cooking skills, and even became champions of crêpes Suzette. ” Too easy ! Now that we know how to make them, we will eat them more often! “For that, we will see…

Work differently to spend more time with family

The confinement may have allowed you to tame this time that flies by so quickly, time to watch your children grow and marvel at their progress, to help them in their learning, to talk with them, to cuddle them… This This somewhat unusual period may have changed your relationship to time and allowed you to refocus on the essentials  : your family.

You may have found that your work takes up too much of your life. Now, why not look at things differently? By stopping work on Wednesdays, for example, you could devote this day entirely to your children. It’s a financial effort, of course, but it might be worth thinking about. What if it was the price of happiness?

Telecommuting is another avenue to consider. Some employees discovered it during confinement and adapted well to it, seeing it in particular as a way of reconciling work and family life. If this is your case, now may be the time to suggest to your employer that you telecommute for a few hours a week, so that you can continue this experience. He too may have changed his mind about teleworking, who knows?

Meal time, a key moment of the day to get together with family

You have rediscovered the benefits of cooking as a family and have never enjoyed spending time in the kitchen and at the table so much as in the past few weeks. Now that the momentum has been set in motion, it may be time to extend this experience by giving more importance to meals. Avoid eating in a hurry, take the time to chat, tell each other about your day, organize a walk for the next weekend or make plans for the summer holidays, the meal could be a real moment of family sharing.

Eating well is important!

Bye, bye supermarkets! Hello pretty markets! Next Sunday, and all the following ones, you will shop at the local market, maybe a little more expensive, but so much better. By planning all the menus for the week in advance and making a list of products to buy, you should avoid any waste and spend less. Eating less and eating better is another avenue to explore, and it is surely another way to slow down. Either way, by cooking more, you’ll save a lot of money. Might be worth a try, right?

Wonderful weekends and holidays in France

Whether you are a city rat or a country rat, your next weekends are going to be wonderful! It’s a whole program to imagine right now: walks or bike rides, sports with your children, reading, discovering nature, new manual or cultural activities, unusual places (the neighborhood cinema where you never went), the richness of the local heritage…, weekends to move, go out, do a lot of new enriching things with your children.

Are you sure you know France well? Maybe not, after all. And if you organize your next vacation in a corner of France where you have never been? Change of scenery, experience unusual adventures with the family: horse riding, holidays in a barge, caravan or in a tree house, fishing trips by the river, hiking in the mountains… will be so many nice memories to evoke later!

For you, confinement may not have been a very easy time to live with. It is not always easy to manage a situation for which one is not prepared. If homeschooling, work, cooking, and household chores have taken up all of your energy, you’ll be able to recharge your batteries and get back to normal life. Tell yourself that it’s okay if you haven’t managed to manage everything. The kids are going back to school, and you are going back to the lifestyle you love. Take advantage of the next breaks to escape, regain your balance and forget this period of confinement.

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